Tiny Little Dream Announcement 2016


Tiny Little Dream, a NYC based premium children product designer is extremely excited to introduce the premium children collections of 2016 (the "2016 collections") after over 3 years of commitment to develop purely inspirational design concepts for our beloved children around the world.  The founder and head designer, HeeJung Park, spent her entire art career in children-focused arts exclusively.  Now, she is ready to introduce her 2016 collections and Tiny Little Dream is absolutely certain her 2016 collections will make every children loved and excited.  

Her inspiration design concepts for the collections are driven by her boundless love to all children as she sees children as the most precious part of our lives.  Prior to introduction of her new collections, Hee-Jung invested years in designing of spontaneous and fun loving characters.  They are Twin Girls, Kitty, Oliver the Monkey, and Raccoon.  By using these inspirational characters, HeeJung has created handcrafted dolls and infant blankets.  Each doll is designed with spontaneous and pure characteristics in order to fully capture dynamic personalities of our children.  The collections are handcrafted in NYC to ensure the premium quality and focus on details.  Tiny Little Dream is stubborn to use only premium quality fabrics such as 100% cotton, organic cotton, organic hemp, cashmere with a touch of glitters, sparkles and vintage found material.  The collections also separately offer custom accessories that are seasonal.  Each doll is uniquely different from others in the collections as the doll can be contemporary to classical with elegance.  This was possible due to HeeJung's successfully application of her unique "inspiration to detail" concept.The children blankets are also based on Tiny Little Dream's adorable characters.  Each blanket has heeJung's whimsical illustration that will give everyone a smile.  All printing is done by eco-friendly using water-based inks, printed on natural cotton and printed in USA.

Tiny Little Dream hopes HeeJung's 2016 collections can bring inspiration and happiness to everyone!