Alpaca Baby Booties I Cream color

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Hand knitted with love for your little one. 

It is so soft! This 100% super baby alpaca yarn is a very special grade of alpaca that is hand sorted for quality and softness. 

This alpaca baby bootie socks is not-heavy, not-fuzzy, not-hot, totally timeless pure alpaca will keep your precious baby cozy all year around. 


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Washing and drying Instruction 

1. fill a sink with lukewarm water. Wash like colors together

2. Use very little detergent soap

3. Agitate slightly, soak for a bit and then rinse with clean lukewarm water.

4. Squish out excess water- Don't twist or wring out! 

5. Lay flat on a towel and reshape.  Roll up in the towel and squeeze out extra water.

Reshape again and leave to dry flat on a fresh towel. You can place outside but not direct sunlight.

6. Fold a lay knits flat.  Never hang knits, this will stretch them.